Baby Swimming
Numerous Physiological And Psychological Benefits With Each Swim

At Little Pods, hygiene and safety is of utmost importance to us. Our pools are disinfected with 100% pure tea tree oil which contains the natural properties of anti-bacteria and antiseptic after every swim.

Swimming provides numerous physiological and psychological benefits for your baby.

It is recommended for babies to start swimming from as young as 1 month old.

Physiological benefits
  • Improve cardio-vascular system and promotes strong muscle growth
  • Promote excellent motor-reflexes (better balance, movement and grasping skills)
  • Increase memory capacity
  • Water offers a heightened multi-sensory stimulation involving the five senses. The intense physical contact and eye contact with parents also offer quality stimulation which can be especially valuable for premature or special needs babies
Psychological benefits
  • Early swimming helps to develop babies’ personalities harmoniously; cautious babies learn to accept risk while more active babies learn to be more prudent
  • Water offers them opportunities to respond to the unexpected early on in life, improving their situation awareness


At Little Pods, every swim session is accompanied with a swimming float, disinfected towels and a pair of Huggies swim diaper.

First-time Swim Trial is at $55 per session.

First-time Swim & Massage Trial is at $88 per session.

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