Baby Massage
Our Baby Massages Do More Than Relax Your Child

Suitable for babies from 1 to 24 months old, each massage is performed by our fully certified baby therapists.

Here’s an interesting fact for you: Dr. Frederick Leboyer, a veteran obstetrician, educated parents that “Being touched, and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant. Food as necessary as minerals, vitamins and proteins”.


Babies who are massaged regularly enjoy the following benefits:

- Improved joint development and flexibility

- Strengthened immune system through increased stimulation of lymphatic circulation (massage)

- Promote better sleep and regulate baby’s sleeping cycle

- Ease colic and constipation problems

- Stimulate endorphins which help to relieve pain and elevate baby’s mood

At Little Pods, we incorporate aromatherapy in every massage session to increase your baby’s physical and emotional well-being. This will also improve your baby’s health and vitality.

We will guide you through the massage session, imparting you the skills and knowledge so that you can also massage your baby in the comfort of your home. This will help you to develop a stronger physical and emotional connection with your baby.


First-time Massage Trial is at $45 per session.

First-time Swim & Massage Trial is at $88 per session.

*Quote PODS20OFF to enjoy 20% off trial prices!

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