for babies and parents
Benefits for babies at Little Pods

  • Stimulate and strengthen baby’s immune system through increased stimulation of lymphatic circulation.
  • Aids indigestion and elimination by activating relaxation responses.
  • Stimulate endorphins which help to relieve the pain and elevate baby’s mood.
  • Ease colic and constipation.
  • Improve muscle development and joint flexibility.
  • Promotes fuller and deeper respiration which soothes and comfort babies to sleep better.
  • Stimulates brain development through skin-to-skin interaction.
  • Soothes nerves endings, therefore inducing relaxation.
  • Improves the appearance and texture of the skin (massaging with well blended essential oil helps to nourish the skin and enhance absorption and ease indigestion.)


Benefits for PARENTS at Little Pods

  • Baby massage deepens and strengthens the relationship between baby and parents by encouraging bonding and attachment.
  • Helps parents increase confidence in handling their baby, read baby’s non-verbal signs through physical touch and become more aware and understanding of baby’s needs and desires.
  • Fosters feelings of comfort, trust, enjoyment and security.
  • Provides a positive parenting tool for parents that helps nurture their baby’s physical and emotional development.
  • Enhances communication and builds mutual respect and also increases parents’ ability to help relax baby in times of stress/distress.
  • Parents have an ideal platform to meet like minded people to share ideas and exchange parenting information.