About Us
A Bundle of Joy Brings a Lifetime of Happiness

Your baby’s happiness is important to you. Seeing your child in a joyful state is a memorable experience. The innocent smile, the adorable laughter. There aren’t many things that are comparable.

And this is exactly why we founded Little Pods. With qualified, enthusiastic staff, we aim to help you nurture your baby’s wellbeing. Because the happier your child is, the happier you will be. Here’s how we’ll help you:

A Calming Massage To Keep Your Baby At Ease

Aromatherapy massages are very different from other types. At Little Pods, we carry 16 carefully selected pure essential oils to blend with our massage oil. Of these 16, we have specially reserved 3 to use for your baby.

These massage oils are blended with 100% pure botanical extracts derived from various herbs, plants and flowers. And of course, they have a diverse range of naturally occurring health properties too.

When used by our trained baby masseuses, each massage session is a soothing experience that:

-          Aids muscle and joint development
-          Strengthens your baby’s immune system
-          Releases endorphins, a hormone involved in elevating your child’s mood

Every session is carefully planned to nurture, and stimulate the various senses crucial to your baby’s development.

But at the same time, we would also like to make sure that you don’t forget to pamper yourself as well. That’s why we carry 5 types of adult-massage oils that have been specially selected and blended to suit your specific needs.

Vastly Beneficial Baby Swimming Sessions

Fact: Our baby swimming program is designed to help stimulate your child’s psychological and physiological development.

At Little Pods, we hold 5 individual pools, and 1 large pool. For every swimming session, each tub will be filled with clean, warm water.  Regular sessions will strengthen your child’s heart, the critical motor skills involved in developing early crawling and walking co-ordination, and of course, your baby’s self-confidence.

And as the cognitive skills improve, you can expect your child to eagerly respond with a great delight that comes with the joy of steady progress.

Here at Little Pods, we aim to provide your baby with a remarkable swimming experience.


A Nourishing Familial Experience

Little Pods has been deliberately designed to be spacious. This is because we would like both you and your family to take part in each session your baby goes through. We encourage you to observe, participate, and mingle with other like-minded parents. After all, we’d genuinely love for you to understand how we help your baby.

Apart from giving your baby a massage, we will also teach you, step-by-step, how to perform them. Once you’ve learnt this, you’ll be able to give your baby massages at your own convenience.

After all, gentle physical touch plays a big role in developing strong bonds of love and trust with a baby. And calming massages are an excellent way to help you cultivate these ties.


Our Vision

For every baby in Singapore to experience and benefit from water- based exercise and baby massage


Our Mission

To spread awareness of the benefits of infant massage and swimming, and provide quality yet affordable services in a positive and nurturing environment