Our Staff Certified in
Baby Massage
Baby massage is a lovely way to soothe your baby. It can promote baby’s muscular and skeletal strength among other benefits.

All our baby masseuses and aroma therapist are trained and certified by internationally recognized institution, so rest assured that your babies are in good hands.
Our Beneficial
Baby Swim
It is important that children get an opportunity to build their confidence in water at an early age.

At Little Pods, we provide a sanctuary for babies to experience bespoke services. We aim to provide and cater to our little clients’ wants and needs in a sterile and soothing environment.

Certified Aroma Therapist in
oil blending
At Little Pods, we choose our essential oils carefully. Instead of factory manufactured products, our massage and essential oils are 100% pure botanical extracts derived from various herbs, plants & flowers. The oils are pure aromatic due to its unique benefits and therapeutic purposes. Each essential oil is carefully selected for its unique benefits and therapeutic properties.
At Little Pods, we do more than just providing babies with a complete water exercise and baby massage programme.

We tenderly care and ensure that your baby's growth is maximised in a safe, clean, comforting and pleasant environment.
Mother & Baby is celebrating their 10th Anniversary with BabyCare Festival 2015 at Expo Hall 6 from 6th-8th Feb!

Little Pods will be located at Booth E03.

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We'll see you there! :)